We know how important privacy protection is, especially when dealing children. Mementos Photography is committed to the protection of our customers’ privacy and personal information and makes every effort to ensure that all third parties involved in delivering our services do so as well.

Mementos School and Sports Photography will NEVER use photos of students or players without prior express, signed consent of their parent or guardian. 

What information does Mementos Photography Collect from its clients

We only collect the information that is relevant to the service we will be providing you. We generally collect information from one or more of the following two sources:

  • A school or league that enters into an agreement with Mementos Photography for school or sports photos (“Data provided by School/League”)
  • The parent or guardian of a child participating in a school or league supported photoshoot (“Data provided by Client”)

Data provided by the school/league is limited to the set of identifiers required for picture day. These typically include student/player name, class/team  and teacher/coach. In some cases, and depending on school, board or league policies, it may also include parent emails.

Data provided by the client is limited to the information necessary to deliver proofs, allow for the purchase of photos and the delivery of said photos. This may include Name and Address of parent, telephone number, physical address and credit card information, among other things. Credit card information is not collected or stored by Mementos Photography, but by PayPal. To read about Paypal’s privacy policy, click here. (

By allowing your child to participate in picture day, you are granting us consent to collect and use this information. If you do not wish for Mementos to collect this data or photograph your child, please express this to your school, as our photographers will photograph every child who is brought to its stations and will not be responsible for verifying parental consent status. We trust that the school will have obtained consent for all children participating in a school-sanctioned photoshoot. If the school accidentally brings a child to our station whose parents have not provided consent, and this child is photographed by error, upon being informed by the parent or school of said error, we will proceed to delete any and all photos of said child, without this action being construed as an acceptance of responsibility or liability.

Non-Identifying Data is collected to allow us to perform Analytics on our site or to remember our users’ preferences, thus enhancing their experience.

Information to perform Analytics may include your device type, browser type, location data, IP address, the time your IP was connected to our site and pages it visited.

In order to remember your preferences in future uses of our site, we may employ cookies. A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer by the user’s web browser while the user is browsing.

How does Mementos Photography use the information Collected from or on its clients

Mementos will use the information collected only for its intended purpose. Examples of said purpose are:

Database-type information collected on children will only be used with the purpose of matching said child to their corresponding photos.

Parent name, telephone number and shipping address is used to fulfill orders and/or ship prints ordered by a client

Billing address is used as part of the credit card safety protocols of our payment platform, Paypal.

Email addresses are used to provide access to online galleries. When provided to us before picture day, they can also be used to allow us to communicate important information such as the date of picture day or that the galleries are ready to be viewed. On occasion, email addressed provided by the client directly may be used to send valuable information on offers or new products, but these non-solicited emails will always include an opt-out or unsubscribe option.

Who does Mementos Photography share the information Collected from or on its clients with

We will never sell or license your personal information or photographs of our clients to any third party.

We may share relevant personal information with third party companies we employ to provide our service and fulfill client orders. These parties will only receive the portion of your information required to provide the service for which it is contracted.

We may also share your information with law enforcement agencies when required to do so by law, a warrant or court order.

When will personal information collected by Mementos Photography be deleted

We will retain photos and database information for 2 years after the end of the applicable school year. After the first year, all photos will be removed from our sales site and moved to secure storage, where they will only be accessed by us if a parent requests them. After two years, all photographic material may be deleted.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Mementos Photography reserves the right to, from time to time, make changes to this Privacy Policy as dictated by the law, market or new technologies employed. We are not required to provide notice of these changes to any client. We suggest you return to this page often if you are concern with the impact any changes may have when conducting business with Mementos Photography.